Partnership in critical communications

Innovative and flexible mission and business critical digital conventional and trunked radio solutions

Network solutions created for mission critical events

Software developed to assist critical users and save more lives

About Dekbera

Partnership in Critical Communications

Company was founded in February, 1996 and based in Vilnius, Lithuania. DEKBERA LTD. specializes in development of Mission and Business Critical Communications & Software. In 2017 to expand DEKBERA LTD activities new companies were established in Spain – DEKBERA COMMUNICATIONS S.L. and Belarus – OOO DEKBERA.

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Kenwood NX-5000 Series Radios to the Air Force Base in Zokniai

Since 2010 NEXEDGE system used in the Zokniai Air Force Base has been supplemented with new multi-protocol NX-5000 series portable radios.

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Software developed to save MORE LIVES