RadioNET NEXEDGE® Gen2 Applications

NexeDrive® NXDN task manager is a multi-platform application that communicates with the NEXEDGE® radio network. This application is responsible for receiving and sending data to/from NEXEDGE® radio network and storing data to the databases. This task manager is a mediator between the NexeDrive database and the digital radio network infrastructure. Read more >

NexeDroid® mobile solution is an Android application designed for squads, teams, crews or other forces to facilitate the execution of tasks. With the help of a tablet or a smart phone, forces receive information about the events and communicates with the control center over statuses. This solution is also integrated with a third-party navigation module that automatically generates routes to the event location according to the GPS coordinates set by the dispatcher. Android devices are connected to NEXEDGE radio station via Bluetooth wireless interface and has access to GSM / 3G / 4G networks. The main data transfer is executed via NEXEDGE® radio network, while mobile networks (GSM / 3G / 4G) are used as a back-up connection. NexeDroid application is a mediator between the end user and the NexeDrive database, that uses RadioNET digital radio network and the Bluetooth radio station.

NodeEye application provides a visual overview of base stations, showing alarm, statuses and levels of each of the power elements. Within NodeEye contollers, events are distributed through the IP network to indicate system power status. NodeEye receives these events and visualizes them real time to the application. NodeEye uses intuitive Graphical User Interface techniques to provide a clear graphical view of the power system. The application comes with a map-based top level view and a hierarchical display of system power components details.

NexeTalk®, a Radio Dispatch application is a state-of-the-art Dispatch & Tracking software solution for Kenwood NEXEDGE® digital radio systems. As a fully IP-based application, it does not require any additional hardware, such as control stations. The built-in AMBE+2™ vocoder provides high voice quality and eliminates the requirement to fit external USB decoders and other hardware. Read more >