IP network infrastructure

Base stations (90%) are connected via an IP network using DPS (L3 VPN) data transmission via optical access. In this way, most of the radio relay equipment (RRL) connections are avoided. The transmission of data (voice and data) from base stations is directly transmitted to the voice controller, which is equipped with DPS TELIA service point.

Terminal equipment (router or otherwise CPE) is connected via optical cable to the nearest Telia DPS service node, from which traffic transmits through the common DPS network to the nearest node and is fed to the terminal via the optical cable. Transmission from other user transmissions is separated by software, and all remote points can be connected to one or two central points.

IP Network

IP Network Key Interfaces:
TELIA L3 VPN via Optical Access (90%)
Microwave Link (10%)
3G (UMTS) / 4G (LTE) mobile network
SAT IP Modem / INMARSAT for Mobile Base Station
IP network backup interfaces:
3G (UMTS) / 4G (LTE) TELIA mobile network