Dekbera TETRA radio network was built in 2008 and now has TetraNode 8 base stations in Vilnius and 4 base stations in Kaunas. In June 2019 TETRA network was updated with TeamLink application, which gives current narrowband TETRA functionality and broadband communications capabilities for mission and business critical communication.

HYBRID-net radio network with TeamLink Core (TLC) provides a highly flexible and scalable solution for critical voice, data and video over mobile networks. Within the 3GPP architecture context, TeamLink Core is solution for the Mission-Critical Push-To-Talk (MCPTT) Application Server (AS). The TeamLink Core is a scalable, high availability solution for serving thousands of TeamLink client applications. TeamLink apps are available for Android, Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows devices.


  • High-capacity soft switch for voice, data and video applications

  • Superior reliability by simultaneously using mobile and Wi-Fi networks

  • Application Programming Interface for workflow app integration

Workflow app integration allows control of the TeamLink app from another app or server, providing simplified, efficient and cost effective use of TeamLink on a single smartphone.

TeamLink allows for ubiquitous wide-area operation, leveraging the coverage of commercial mobile networks. While in-building coverage is often provided by mobile networks as well, TeamLink has the ability to use Wi-Fi in parallel.

TeamLink can also extend the coverage and capacity of existing Private Mobile Radio networks, allowing more users to use Push-to-Talk services without the need to expand the existing Private Mobile Radio network.

TeamLink providing fast and reliable PTT operation over mobile and Wi-Fi networks with varying link quality as experienced by smartphone users. The unique capability of TeamLink to utilize mobile and Wi-Fi networks simultaneously allows for reliable operation, even when continuously moving through areas with weak or no coverage of one of the networks.

The TeamLink Core supports essential Push-to-Talk functionality with talking party identification, name alias display, speech item pre-emption group selection and late entry, and can be extended with options to include text and status messaging, location reporting and video calling capabilities.

The TeamLink Core offers a powerful Application Programming Interface (API) to regroup users into groups for team-oriented communication, allowing easy but powerful integration with workflow-oriented apps running adjacent to the TeamLink app on the same smartphone.