Case Studies

Lithuanian Ambulance Service

One of the world’s biggest radio networks, RadioNET, is based on Kenwood Nexedge® multisite trunking infrastructure. RadioNET provides radio communication services to a number of customers across the whole country of Lithuania. Dekbera, the owner of the network, serves as a SMR operator. One of the most important clients using over 500 handhelds and mobile radios is the Ambulance Service. RadioNET comprises about 65 Nexedge sites, which allows Ambulance centers to operate in all major cities.

The Ambulance Service currently operates five dispatch centers in different parts of Lithuania. 15 operators receive calls and send ambulance cars, using the Nexedge® infrastructure, to those who need help. With the system that large, one of the main challenges was the choice of an appropriate dispatch system. The Ambulance Service commenced extensive tests of NexeTalk in early 2014. During the test period Phaeton worked with the customer to create a customized version of its software to meet the strict operational requirements. In May 2014, the Ambulance Service confirmed that NexeTalk fully complied with their specification and started the deployment process that is expected to be accomplished by mid-autumn 2014. Read More >